OCPS Delayed Dismissal Weather Procedures


The District’s Delayed Dismissal (Weather) procedures are as follows:

1.  Detection:  Administration will monitor severe weather conditions.

2.  Notification to Staff:  Administration will notify staff if there is a need for a Delayed Dismissal (Weather) event. 

3.  Response:  When administrator activates Delayed Dismissal (Weather) procedures, students are brought inside to ensure safety.  Staff will lead students in sheltering from the inclement weather.  If dismissal is already underway, staff will stop loading of cars and buses.   

4.  Notification to Parents:  Administrator will send a Connect Orange message to parents that a Delayed Dismissal will take place.  Parents who wish to pick up their child/children during delayed dismissal, will be allowed to sign out their child/children.  You must bring your photo identification.  Adults who are not on the child's emergency pick up list will not be permitted to pick up a student.  Bus riders will be delivered home when conditions are all safe for dismissal.