Support Person of the Year

SPOY Ricky Martinez

Congratulations to Dommerich's 2022-2023 
Support Person of the Year, Ricardo Martinez-Lopez!

It is a pleasure to recognize Mr. Ricardo Martinez Lopez, Dommerich Elementary Support Person of the Year. Mr. Riky, as he is affectionately called by staff, teachers, and students as Dommerich's Support Person of the Year.


Mr. Riky is a proud Cuban immigrant from the city of Havana. Although he graduated college with a degree in accounting, his dream was to provide a better life for his family. As a result, he immigrated to the United States in 2010 with his wife and his two young sons. Mr. Riki has served as a custodian with OCPS for 11 years, eight years at Lakemont Elementary and four years at Dommerich Elementary, where he currently works alongside his wife who is also a custodian.



Since joining the Dommerich custodian team, Mr. Riky has proven to be a vital part of the staff. He played an essential role in our custodian team winning the Cleanest School Award in the OCPS District! His work ethics and desire to take care of the Dommerich family, inspires him to go beyond the scope of his responsibilities to meet the needs of our teachers. Not only does he clean and sanitize, pressure wash and move furniture, or palettes of books, but he gets his tools out and mounts display boards, pressure washes the walls of the building, and lowers or heightens student desks.



Mr. Riky has a keen sense of humor and often has us laughing as he shares stories of his life in Cuba. He is thoughtful and humble. On the day we announced to the staff that he had won the SPOY nomination for our school, he accepted the honor and dedicated it to his wife. He acknowledged her for her hard work. Sometimes the work required of our custodians is physically challenging, but Mr. Riky is always willing to get the job done. His common response is ‘no problem!”