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Mrs. Cindy Krulick
Music Teacher:  Cynthia Krulick
[email protected]

Mrs. Krulick is a classically trained pianist and has played for many musical theater productions, children’s choirs and other performances in the community. She has a BA in piano from Jacksonville University and a Masters of Music Ed from University of Massachusetts (Lowell). She has taught elementary music in OCPS for 18 years.

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In music we sing, play instruments, move to the music and perform folk dances and singing games experienced by children for decades. While students are playing games they gain coordination, practice social skills, and learn to use their singing voice.  We sing using solfege syllables (do-re-mi-fa-so-la-ti-do) and practice rhythm with rhymes, icons, pictures and notecards. These are building blocks to reading and writing music.


Intermediate students (grades 3 – 5) continue to work with the instrument that everybody owns and carries with them wherever they go – their singing voice! In addition, you will often hear drum ensembles, recorder groups, ukuleles and a variety of percussion instruments in the music room. We study elements of music, including rhythm, melody, form, style, dynamics and timbre. Music reading progresses each year as students practice reading music on the staff.


Making music also means creating music. Sometimes they improvise a melody, or work with a partner to create a movement, or work with a group to find a fun way to do a rhythm.  Every time we improvise, perform,  and collaborate with others we are gaining skills that will stay with us for a lifetime.


Dommerich students in 4th and 5th grade can join after school ensembles, including Chorus, Musical Theater, and DES Combo. These groups deepen their music skills as they practice together in preparation for concerts. Past performances include concerts at DES, Maitland Season of Light, and Orlando Magic Games.

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