The Dommerich Standard


The Dommerich Standard

The Dommerich Standard is a guiding force in our school community. Our standard binds us together in a gift of support for one another. While we expect a great deal from one another, we also have each other to rely on for support. Our standard greets us every morning. We see it in the opportunity for quality working. We hear it in the way we speak to each other. We touch it in the loving hugs we share together. In this community we can feel safe, safe to grow and change and become all that we are meant to be. In these halls we can learn to respect ourselves and our friends and our guides. In these years we are given unlimited opportunities for the best gift of all: learning. The Dommerich Standard will leave with us and will become one of our tools for our life of learning.

The Dommerich Standard
1.  Do the right thing, even if no one is looking.
2.  Follow and respect the rules wherever you are.
3. Learn as much as you can every day.
4.  Use your time wisely.
5.  Be kind in your words and in your actions.
6.  Take care of your possessions, the possessions of others, and the resources around you.

School Policies

Dommerich Elementary School students are expected to follow all of the OCPS policies for attendance, conduct, dress code, electronic devices and tardies.

In addition, The Dommerich Standard is a special code of conduct that raises the bar for the behavior of all our community members.