The Clinic

The Clinic is located adjacent to the administrative offices of the school.  We have a full-time nurse who manages our clinic.

The nurse is responsible for first aid only.  In case of illness, the student will be cared for until the parent arrives or he/she is returned to the classroom.  In case of minor injury, attention will be given, and the student returned to class.  In the case of major injury, the parent will be notified immediately.  Be sure to keep us up to date on telephone numbers where you can be reached.

Medications: For any medications to be administered to a student during school hours, the parent is responsible for the following:

  1. Authorization for Medications form - must be completed for all prescription and nonprescription medications.
  2. Prescription medications in the original pharmacy container showing the child's name, name of the drug, and directions for administration.
  3. Parents must bring in medications.  They may not be sent with the student.
  4. Students are not to have any medication in their possession at school.
Other forms available for medical needs, include:

Authorization for Self-carry Metered Dose/Administration of Inhalers form

Authorization for Self-carry/Administration of Epinephrine Auto-injector form