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At Dommerich Elementary, we take careful consideration in building classes that promote a positive class community of learning.  Our teachers strive to provide each child with an engaging learning environment that will meet their academic and social emotional needs. Dommerich teachers are masterful at helping students continue to grow life long skills of collaboration, problem solving, and growth mindset.

Class building is a process that our school team takes a great deal of time and thought to develop.  Administration will confidentially read all parent forms to consider the needs of every student.  

If you feel that you have information that is pertinent to the class make-up or individual learning styles to be considered, please use the space below to share.  Examples to consider are: scheduling of twins or students are very close outside of school and prefer they not be placed together.  

This form is OPTIONAL.  

This form is not intended for placing friend groups together or requesting a particular teacher. 

DES Parent Form 2022-2023
For this information to be considered, email to [email protected] no later than May 13, 2022.

Thank you for your involvement in your child’s learning career!

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