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J Reynolds Art Teacher Photo

Art Teacher:  Jennifer Reynolds
[email protected] 

Ms. Reynolds studied at the University of South Florida and earned a bachelor’s degree in fine arts. She then went to University of Central Florida and earned a master’s degree in elementary education.

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Students attend art class once a week. They gain experience using a variety of art media and learn techniques to create art skillfully. The design elements of color, value, line, shape, form, space and texture are explored. Along with artistic skill, students develop an understanding of different styles of art, artists and art from different cultures. Each year, students will build on the knowledge and skills acquired in the previous years to produce more advanced works of art.

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Annual Special Events

November - Student Work on Display at Maitland Art Festival

March - OCPS Celebrates the Arts 

March – Student Work on Display at Winter Park Art Festival

TBD- Create Collaborative Art Projects for Permanent School Displays

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