Support Person of the Year

Congratulations to Dommerich's 2021-22
Support Person of the Year, Melton Lawes!

It is my pleasure to announce our outstanding Support Person, Mr. Melton Lawes, as Dommerich's Support Person of the Year. He led Dommerich in earning a special distinction in 2018 as Cleanest Elementary School in OCPS from the district’s Central Support Services Department.  

During his 17 years serving at Dommerich Elementary, Mr. Lawes has built fantastic relationships with generations of students.  They eagerly look forward to seeing him and connecting with him daily.  He often sings to them and they laugh and sing along.  Mr. Lawes takes tremendous pride in knowing that he is leading the custodial team in providing a safe, clean, and healthy environment for our students.  During a year of pandemic, he took extra precaution in leading our custodial team through additional cleaning and sanitizing procedures to ensure we maintained a safe environment for all.  

In his position as Crew Leader at Dommerich, Mr. Lawes is a true professional in collaborating with others.  His demeanor is friendly and kind, and he is always smiling and welcoming.  He demonstrates great collegiality, working well with all students, staff members, and parents. Mr. Lawes takes great initiative in projects, jumping in to solve a problem quickly and find a solution.  Teachers know Mr. Lawes will do all he can to support them in their needs and requests.  Mr. Lawes demonstrates great leadership as he mentors, trains, and leads his team of custodians.  They respect him greatly and work hard to meet his level of expectations.

His dedication to excellence in everything he does, as well as his kindness and friendliness working with others, are some of the qualities that others recognize in Mr. Lawes. He is a wonderful asset to our school!

Yours in Education,
Laura Permenter
DES Principal