Welcome to Dommerich Elementary School where learning is chief. 

Learning is Chief Art

We are committed to the academic success of all students.  We believe that all students can learn and consistently attend to their needs to keep them moving forward in order for them to achieve their highest potential.  Our dedicated teachers plan, deliver, and assess instruction on the Florida State Standards, utilizing the Orange County Public Schools suggested scope and sequence, literacy plan, and adopted curriculum.  This plan ensures that all students are exposed to grade level, instructional level, and independent level text within informational and literary genres. 

The core subject areas are reading, math, writing, language arts, social studies, and science. We are a highly motivated and cooperative learning school where individuals are taught to share, help, encourage, be kind, and support each other's efforts to achieve and be productive learners.

Each child participates in art, music, and physical education classes. Our media center is always available for students to check out books, research, or participate in literacy programs.