Healthy School Initiatives

Healthy School Initiative:  Food Guidelines

Food from Outside Sources

(this does not pertain to individual lunch or snack)
  • All outside food brought into our school must follow the OCPS guidelines for food from outside sources. 
  • A Record of Outside Food Form must be completed and a label of ingredients must be attached.  Submit this form and ingredient list to our front office.  A photocopy of the ingredient label is permitted.
  • Food must be in a sealed container from the store; no home baked items are permitted.
  • Teachers must give approval for any food to be brought into classrooms; we suggest one week’s advance request.
  • We allow parents to drop off a treat in the front office for special occasions, with teacher advance approval.  Items dropped off without teacher approval may not be distributed.  We are not able to reduce instructional time for birthday parties or special occasions; special occasion treats will be distributed at the end of the child’s lunch time.  We ask that:
    • Items must be store bought, and sealed in the store package.
    • Items are easy to distribute in single-serving, single portion, pre-cut form.
    • Items are all the same, free of special designs, flavors, or colors.
    • Items are small (example:mini size cupcakes or muffins)
    • Items do not have toys or gifts attached (example: no toys on top of cupcakes)

Candy, gum, and soda are not permitted.

If you have any questions about OCPS Food and Nutrition, please contact our Food Service Manager, Robin Hagerty Dommerich Elementary and Maitland Middle Food Service Manager.