Teacher of the Year Kristin Pilgrim

Teacher of the Year Kristin Pilgrim
Posted on 12/12/2017

Dommerich Teacher of the Year 2019

Mrs. Kristin Pilgrim is dedicated to student learning and committed to student achievement.  She provides a supportive and collaborative environment, with an expectation that all students can and will be successful.  Mrs. Pilgrim works to cultivate curiosity and a love of learning in each of her students.  Through problem solving and inquiry based lessons, Mrs. Pilgrim provides students an opportunity to develop questions and investigate to find solutions.  She often infuses technology to enhance the curriculum and the student learning experience.  She facilitates several enrichment opportunities at Dommerich, including National Elementary Honor Society and Rube Goldberg.  Mrs. Pilgrim has also been a great contributor in writing grants for our school, bringing in over $20,000 in the last four years.